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January 01, 1970

What is gsieve?

gsieve is a GNOME editor for Sieve scripts. It has been designed with usability in mind and features a (hopefully) easy to use GTK GUI.

It has full i18n support (current languages: English, German) and uses autoconf / automake to ease installation.

And what are Sieve scripts?

Sieve is a simple scripting language for mailservers. Currently, it can analyze incoming mail, sort it into some mailbox, throw it away, forward it or send an automatic response.

Sieve is supported by some mailservers, the Project Cyrus IMAP Server perhaps beeing the one used most widely. It also features the managesieve extension that is used by gsieve to transfer scripts from and to the mailserver.

Are there other tools for editing Sieve scripts?

Yes, here is my list:

[EMACS]Sieve support for emacs
[KDE]Sieve support for KDE
[Web]SmartSieve - Sieve Script Manager